Water Washing Electric Blanket


-Outer Cover: Fabric of Cotton 50% and 50%, or  other fabrics, It can be change using fabrics
-grade: AA Grade
-Big Size: 135cm x180cm +-5           
Small Size: 105cm x 180cm +-5
-Electric Voltage: 110, 220 Free Volt, 60Hz  90w
-Using: 1man, 2men
-Distinctive Feature: This product is possible washing water.
-It is separation style cover mode to separate outer cover and inside skin.       -It is included charcoal on inside skin.
Electric source automatic interception safety equipment.  Temperature controller duplication safety equipment.

Electric blanket of cover separation style possible water washing by machine and hand as the first of the world.

General existing electric blanket is damaged such as electric part of heating coil, etc. by washing, so it is dangerous by many ordering or could not use the electric blanket.

But our new electric blanket wash after separate completely the cover, so it is totally not damage about electric part.

Also it can be use best safely this electric blanket  by Electric source automatic interception safety equipment and Temperature controller duplication safety equipment.

This electric blanket has been included charcoal felt on the inside skin.
Charcoal is having many good function for human body.
So, this electric Blanket is health product also.

.The special heating coils of the electric blanket automatically senses the wished temperature from the controller.

.The temperature dial knob and control board of this electric blanket is designed with a cushion structure to prevent a abrupt temperature change caused by external movement or  impact.

.This electric blanket use the refined materials and sleek textiles. The quality is acclimated for washing, folding, easy storage, and internal coil protection.

.Best safely adaptor is included with electric blanket. This safety device enables operative compatibility for all world electrical markets. The circuit adaptor, special heating coils, a temperature fuse, and a current fuse will prevent overheating.

.Our company assures the reliability of the heating coils and detection lines. Reaching the desired temperature is quickly and easily maintained.


Charcoal effect                                                               (This electric blanket has been included charcoal felt on the inside skin)

1.. Charcoal prevent ageing as have a high metabolism.
2.. Charcoal occur an anion, then charcoal do blood purification function, immunity  function,  spirit stability function, etc..
3.. As Men are put the charcoal block in the room, men protect they body from bad factors such a antiseptic effect, purifying, controlling humidity, Negation ion, infrared rays, removing bad smell and sweat.
4.. Charcoal filter adsorb electromagnetic wave and radiation and gas, etc...
  e.. Charcoal have been used many in grave in time immemorial as preservation be superior.
5.. Humidity control function of charcoal is superior by hygroscopic property.
6.. Jade have most effect then everything to keep up health, as charcoal have many  mineral
Wisdom for Power Saving
1.First , set the control panel dial to High Temperature for 20~30 minutes.
   Then adjust again the dial to '3 or 4 for use.
2. Do not use on a cold basis floor.
  Use the electric blanket on spreading matt or mattress.
3.Usd to cover completely the electric blanket for the electric blanket to prevent heat loss.
4.Unplug the power cord from the power source outlet when it does not use.
Order of Use
1.Completely spread electric blanket out.
 Spread the electric blanket without folds on a mattress of bed and floor. Then, cover the  electric blanket to maintain the temperature.
2.Connect the adaptor of the controller to the adaptor of the electric blanket.
 Completely connect the adaptor by applying sufficient pressure. 
3.When electric product is the combined use product, the voltage does not distinguish to AC110V or AC220V.
 Combined Product: No distinction
4.Proper warm up.
-Generally, set the dial on 'high temperature' for 30 minutes before use.
-When colder, set the dial on 'high temperature 'for approximately 1 hour before use.
Repair and Cleaning of the Product
-If any of the following instances occur, please contact the store's service center.
-Temperature does not change with dial setting.
-Control light does not turn on.
-Blanket does not heat.
-Plug is too tight to overheats.
-Defective cord.
-Do not use when electric blank is wetting.
-Use the electric blanket after reading instructions first.
-Do not use and warm on state folded.
-Do not puncture with a pin or other sharp objects.
-Do not use on electric blanket infants and the handicapped.
-Do not use the temperature controller for any other product.
-Do not skin at high temperature may cause serious injuries.
-110 or 220V saves power.
Specifications of Controller
-Electric source automatic interception safety equipment.                
-Temperature controller duplication safety equipment.
-Controller confirming lamp operates when any problems occur to the electric blank

Use after reading  instructions Do not use and heat when folded Do not puncture with pin other sharp objects