KJ-600 Pillow
Jade quantity-  natural jade stone and ceramic 58 unit of AA
Jade size- Round shape, Diameter 28 m/m 52 unit         Ceramic 6 unit
Pillow-Size:550m/m~400m/m, Weight:2.5kg,
Auto thermoregulatory -no
It will make responsible for safe deep sleep of life 
extension to be graft the third science of next

This jade pillow is made by Natural jade stone and charcoal.

It is good for human body, especially for head health.

By all men use this jade pillow, all men can experience stronger and supernatural curative effect.

This jade pillow is good for blood circulation, especially good for neck-waist position.

So, it can take safe and deep sleeping.

Jade Effect

Natural Jade contains necessary magnesium and mineral calcium.
40% of magnesium is material of chlorophyll.
Jade has the same wave with human vigor wave and penetrate human cell.
When the jade is heated, they emits long wave far infrared rays that penetrate the body
14 ~ 15 cm ( 5.5 ~ 6 inches ).
 It makes resonance effects that can promote blood circulation, make weak alkalizing
blood, revive tissue, and emit harmful waste toxin.
Jade can make the five viscera and the six entrails (of gall bladder, stomach, intestinal 
tract, the paunch, the bladder and the bowels strong.
By encouraging the expulsion of body wastes material, effective against high blood
pressure, diabetes, circulatory problems, heart disease, osteoporosis, women
disorders, etc.

Charcoal prevent ageing as have a high metabolism.

Charcoal occur an anion, then charcoal do blood purification function, immunity function,  spirit stability function, etc..

As Men are put the charcoal block in the room, men protect they body from bad factors such a antiseptic effect, purifying, controlling humidity, Negation ion, infrared rays, removing bad smell and sweat.

Charcoal filter adsorb electromagnetic wave and radiation and gas, etc...

Charcoal have been used many in grave in time immemorial as preservation be superior.

Humidity control function of charcoal is superior by hygroscopic property.

Jade have most effect then everything to keep up health, as charcoal have many mineral

Negative Ion Effect
1.If the quantity of negative is a large, human body is 
  to health constitution, as resistance for sickness is  
  made more strongly by that active of the cell is
2.Negative Ions increase stamina.
3.High blood pressure can be lowered by relaxation,
  distressing, a steady supply of a Negative loans.
4.Headaches can be relieved by eliminating pain
  causing chemicals.
5.Negative Ions reduce anxiety and relieve tension.
Effect of Far Infrared Rays
It is called as Bring up rays, Natural rays, and Heating rays 
that one of the electromagnetic waves from solar rays.
And far infrared ray is the longest and strongest gating wave.
 It is known that the proper wave to body and life is
There are six effects promote metabolism by getting
transmitting in depth and vibrating composing moles.
Six Effect
Heating effect : It can keep the proper body temperature.
Maturing effect : It can promote the growth.
Purifying effect : it can supply the nutrition equally inside the
Dry humidity effect : Promoting eliminates body waste, 
Counteraction effect : It can keep the proper moisture.
Resolving effect : It can promote the metabolism and keep the
balance of nutrition by resolving every kind of nutrition.
The kind of far infrared rays
Near Infrared ray: 0.75~1.5 microN
Middle Infrared ray: 1.5~5.6 micron
Far Infrared ray: 5.6~1000 micron