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1.What is Jade and Why do all peoples like it  ?

 2.Why do the peoples use the Jade Mattress?

3.What company is Sin Young Co., Ltd?< FONT>

4.Why  do you have to choose the Jade product of Sin Young?

5.How do you have to order the Jade product of Shin Young?

6.How does Sin Young company deliver the Jade product?


1.What is Jade and Why do all peoples like it  ?

Jade is a hard stone, usually green in colour, that is used for making jewellery and ornaments. (dictionary).Jade is cotaining extremetly necessary menerall matter, calcium, magnesium.

In the one of ingredient of it , the magnesium have 40% up.

When looking at various oriental medical books, the ancient oriental people believed that jade heals stressed organs and discharges toxins. They also believed that Jade slows the process of cell aging and has the excellent ability to strengthen the body's natural defenses and healing power.

2.Why do the peoples use the Jade Mattress?

Jade contains vital elements for the human body, such as minerals, calcium, magnesium and water. In addition, Jade is known as a natural transmitter of far infrared rays. It is because of these important and valuable benefits that Migun uses jade massage caps only on all our products.

3.What company is Sin Young Co., Ltd?

Sin Young Co., Ltd is one of leading manufacturers and exporters of only jade product. We have specialized in developing new jade mattress, innovative jade goods  manufacturering, marketing, and distributing. Shin Young is the best business partners and friend from northestern Asia, we are sure with our business action.


4.Why  do you have to choose the Jade product of Sin Young?

Sin Young Co,. Ltd is leading manufacturer and exporter of Jade goods.

 Main product of Sin Young is jade mattress,.

All mattress of sin young company is product to can believe commodities to pass an

examination for many authentication inspection.

Also, Sin Young have developed many invention of several health goods such jade mattress, pillow, chshion.

These products are succeeded by result of study and effort of many years.

So, Shin Young's products are appraised to very excellent commodities by many buyer of domestic and foreign.

Therefore, Many jade products of Sin Young company are exported to many countries of the world.


5.How do you have to order the Jade product of Shin Young?

Sample order is first step for business realtionship.

If you want to inspection the quality od our jade product, you have to order the sample.

For you order any sample, you must send your order purchasing intent sheet to our company by e-mail and Fax..

Then, we will send our Proforma Invoice to you by e-mail and Fax.

And next step is payment for your sample by T/T and Cash.


Main order will make by your satisfaction, after you inspect the sample.

You can send your main order sheet by E-mail  and Fax.

After we confirm your order contents, we will send our P/I of pricr caculated by FOB Korean port

If you want procedure way by oter trade terms sand conditions of CIF, C&F.., we can accept your opinion.

We mainly accept the payment of two way by Irrevocable L/C at site and T/T


6.How does Sin Young company deliver the Jade product?

When we get the sanple order from you, we mainly send the sample by quick speed courier of  Speed Post, DHL, UPS, Fedex, Etc..

This way is very quick and safety.

 When we get your main order, as air port is very expensive,

we are mainly using ship carge for sure and cheap delivery.

We are arranging very cheap ocean frieght.

When you give me big order, we will apply best freight charge to be supplied more big fording company.


7. What is our solution way for the defectives?

We are responsible for any our jade product of bad quality.

Our company policy is to replace by new product about defective.

This is our trust for your reliance to order our product.

In basis confidence of other party, we hope to have good business relationship with our all customer for long time