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About mat structure

This jade mates use best good natural jade for more health of human body and this jade stone is made one by ones by handicraft.

It was well known jade is very good for health of human.

Also, charcoal have many good function and various profit for human body.

This jade and charcoal have many excellent function of the ultrared rayrelease, electron wave interception, water vein prevention, deodorization function etc..

and this jade mattress make processing these material well and all men use well this  jade mattress conveniently.

This jade mattress make to use below materials, following is simple effect contents of these materials.

All composition element

Following is all composition element lays

1.High quality Jacquard costing Textile layer or synthetic leather laye.-This is a high grade fabric and leather.The pattern of this is very soft and beautiful.

2.More net layer.-The human body can be contact on jade directly. So, our body can experience jade effect, also, this helps to preserve heat.

3.Natural Imperial Jade or Ceramic layer.-It can feel cooling at the summer and warming at the winter by jade stone and ceramic. these emite far infrared ray, negative ion, and intercept electromagnetic wave, water vein wave. By these, it can have beneficial effect for human body.

4.PU / PVC waterproofing layer.-This is waterproofing layer. But this layer is not especeal meaning.

5.Natural jade powder felt layer.-This jade power layer can  have double jade effect. But the jade effect of this layer  is same with effect of jade stone layer.

6.Charcoal textile layer.-It can experience various health effect by charcoal. It can keep comfortable room by else various function of the charcoal. It deodorizes the unpleasant smell by 93%in 2hours and has 92%efficiency rate in discharging far infrared ray. It absorbs moisture very well because of its porosity.

7.Bio ceramic layer.-By this layer, it can experience ceramic effect.- Bio-Ceramic is the product which is made from of various kind of ceramic mixed with mineral oxides likes Silica Oxide ,Aluminium Oxide and etc. The mixture of these materials will emit far-infrared rays.It also known as Biogenetic rays (between 6 to 14 microns). Biogenetics rays has been proven by scientists to promote the growth and health of living cells especially in plants, animals and human beings.

8.Yelloe mud pade layer - It can experience yellow mud effect to give help at the health of human body. this has lots of good microorganism and  emite far infrared ray.

9.Fiber glass layer.-This wire is new wire developed recently, this is not inflam and break well.

10. Gilding weaving layer.-It can take waterproofing and keep warm effect.

11.Silicon heating wire layer.-This heating wire is new high grade wire. This  rediate and preserve heat.

12.Fourfold overheat protection system. -This sistem prevent leakage from over heating for safety precaution.

13.Cotton layer for cushion.-This cotton layer have high elasticity and keep shape seem new mattress always. also this cotton layer helps to insulate.

14.Sensor and bi-metal layer.- This sensor operates as a thermostat and automatically regulated the temperature while the bimetal prevent over suppling of electricity.

15. Negative electric potential system.- Negative Electric Potential refers to the high voltage conducted on the negative electric potential panel and thermoregulator  to create negative electric potential. Negative Electric Potential effect improves the blood  circulation in  our body and is known to be effective in  easing muscle pains.

16.Oxpord waterproofing textile layer-This layer have waterproofing and keeping warm effect.

17.Auto thermoregulator -Everyone can use by suitable temperature and this thermoregular can control easily and have many good function.

Our mattress structure

Sin young mattress don't use above all compostion element.

Because, some composition element of above is same with other

compasition to give beneficial effect on human body.

So, we use to adjust suitably mattress composition element.

Following is our general structure of our mattress

1.High quality Jacquard costing Textile layer or synthetic leather laye.

2.More net layer.

3. Natural Imperial Jade or Ceramic layer.

4.Charcoal textile layer.-

5. Yelloe mud pade layer.

6. Fiber glass layer.

7. Gilding weaving layer.

8.Silicon heating wire layer.

9.Fourfold overheat protection system.

10.Cotton layer for cushion.

11.Sensor and bi-metal layer.

12.Oxpord waterproofing textile layer.

13.Auto thermoregulator.