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         Jade effect

Natural Jade contains necessary magnesium and mineral calcium.

40% of magnesium is material of chlorophyll.

Jade has the same wave with human vigor wave and penetrate human cell.

When the jade is heated, they emits long wave far infrared rays that penetrate the body 14 ~ 15 cm ( 5.5 ~ 6 inches ).

It makes resonance effects that can promote blood circulation, make weak alkalizing  blood, revive tissue, and emit harmful waste toxin.

Jade can help to dissolve stress and effete matter of in human body and can help for fatigue recovery and insomnia.

Also, jade can help to keep up soft skin and skin to gloss, to prevent the phenomena of aging, various nervous sick.

By encouraging the expulsion of body wastes material, effective against high blood  pressure, diabetes, circulatory problems, heart disease, osteoporosis, women disorders, etc.

Jade have function to keep up air in room clearly.

Jade emit many far infrared rays and negative ion.