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      About Charcoal


  • Charcoal prevent ageing as have a high metabolism.
  • Charcoal occur an anion, then charcoal do blood purification function, immunity function,  spirit stability function, etc..
  • As Men are put the charcoal block in the room, men protect they body from bad factors such a antiseptic effect, purifying, controlling humidity, Negation ion, infrared rays, removing bad smell and sweat.
  • Charcoal filter adsorb electromagnetic wave and radiation and gas, etc...
  • Charcoal have been used many in grave in time immemorial as preservation be superior.
  • Humidity control function of charcoal is superior by hygroscopic property.
  • Jade have most effect then everything to keep up health, as charcoal have many mineral

     About Yellow Mud


  •  It emit far infrared ray, which can absorb chronic fatigue primary factors, bad smell and bacteria.
  • It can resolve and purify inner body toxin because It has lots of good micro organism.
  • It can keep the proper body temperature and proper moisture.