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About Sample Order

You can receive all jade goods sample of Shin Young Company  by E-mail, Fax, , other way

And all buys can easily get all samples of Sin Young company that you want by "one click".

You can order your sample by click of Sample Order Form of the jade product photo just side.

Our policy for the sample is quick speed and safe delivery.

So, we use international express courier of quick and safe UPS, DHL, EMS, Fedex, etc...

As our excellent delivery sistem, you can receive the sample deliverd by quick speed and accurate also safe way.


All sample of jade product is hard weight and precious goods.

So, Sipping freight cost is few high more than common goods. 

Therefore, our policy for the sample order payment is advance T/T or cash.

Your sample payment is the price for sample fee and sample freight.

Also, our company muct cover many samples from all many buyers of the world for a day.

We hope to understand our company situation.


But, you proceed continuelly your main order, we will give return your all

 sample charge.

We think that this way will be to make the trust of you and our company.

We hope to have good business relationship in base of trust with all of the world.

If some buyer give to oue company sampl and main order,

 We will try our best for all buyer. 


Our main e-mail: woo@jademat.co.kr

Our charge manager e-mail: woo@jademat.co.kr

Our Tel No.: 82-2-586-4700

Our Fax No.:82-2-583-1877