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The Motto of Shin young Company is best quality and excellent function. Our company hope is to be a leader of health product by supplying of our excellent health goods. Now, our products are result by many study and effort of several years. So, we believe to succeed with our customer by supplying product of excellent quality to buyer seeking Health product. And, for your information, we hope that you enjoy taking a look our site and your warm suggestion and comments.

Tattoo Pattern Sport Wear

Tattoo Pattern Sport Wear

Compression Sport Wear

SC-700 Cushion

KJ-600 Pillow

KSJ-1030 <Best> MSJ-2030 <Massage>

KSY-5600 <Best>

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It makes resonance effects that can promote blood circulation, make weak alkalizing

blood, revive tissue, and emit harmful waste toxin.

Jade can make the five viscera and the six entrails (of gall bladder, stomach, intestinal

tract, the paunch, the bladder and the bowels strong.

By encouraging the expulsion of body wastes material, effective against high blood

pressure, diabetes, circulatory problems, heart disease, osteoporosis, women

disorders, etc.

Best of Best Jade Mattress

Excellent Quality and Function

KSJ-1010 MAT<Best> KSJ-5200MAT(Best>

The jade mattress of our company have many good function electron wave interception, water vein interception, deodorization

function, bio, etc..